Created For Pilots

At Inter Sky Airways, we're all about creating the best experience for you, the pilot. We maintain a balance between realism, and fun. Our Basic rules provide the right amount of realism for the casual simmer, without creating extra hassle to ensure regulations and timelines are precisely followed. For pilots desiring a more realistic virtual airline experience, our optional Advanced rules in the Pilot Standards provide just that! All levels of training are offered to pilots who request it. We understand that flight simulation is a hobby and not a career, which is why we have no flight requirements. Fly as much or as little as you want!

We provide TFDi's SmartCARS as SkyCARS for our pilots. Our SkyCARS program will automatically load flights that you bid on and allow for easy flight tracking and logging on FSX, FSX-SE, P3D, and X-Plane. SkyCARS offers many other unique features such as GPWS or Co-Pilot callouts, flight attendant announcements, live global/airline chat, Jet-Stream Radio, and more!

Reccuring events are offered to connect the VA as a community and provide learning opportunities. Many different facets of flying are showcased in these events from airliners, bush-flying, to military. Let us know your ideas for the next event!

Do you document your flights on social media or stream them on Twitch? Check out our #Social page! You can be featured here if you show off your Inter Sky sim moments!


Inter Sky Airways was formed from a merger between Rocky Mountain Virtual Airlines and Sky Virtual Airways on November 6th, 2018. Inter Sky Airways maintained the hubs of the previous airlines at Denver (Rocky Mountain) and London (Sky VA). Since then, hubs have been opened in Seattle and Saporro, extending both Domestic and International services.

Our virtual history started with the now defunct SimBuddy. SimBuddy provided a way for new Virtual Airlines to start off for free, and a cheap premium option for Virtual Airlines who started to grow. When SimBuddy announced they were closing in June of 2019, Inter Sky Airways moved to and chose vaBase as our Virtual Airline Management software. VaBase provided us with a template website and many great features for our virtual airline. Inter Sky Airways stayed with vaBase until February 2020, when the switch to phpvms took place. Phpvms is the current Virtual Airline Management software and offers a lot more staff oriented features that helps our Virtual Airline run more efficiently.


London Heathrow (EGLL)

Our London Heathrow Hub was formed with Sky VA in 2018, that same year it was retained as an Inter Sky Airways Hub. Our London hub allows Inter Sky to service the UK and many European countries.

Hub Manager: SKY002 Thomas P

Denver International Airport (KDEN)

Our Denver International Airport Hub was formed with Rocky Mountain VA in 2018, that same year it was retained as an Inter Sky Airways Hub. Centrally located Denver allows Inter Sky to service most major US cities.

Hub Manager: SKY005 George L

Seattle-Tacoma Airport (KSEA)

Our Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Hub was opened in 2019. Seattle-Tacoma offeres connections across the US West Coast and into Alaska and Canada.

Hub Manager: SKY003 Alan H

Sapporo/New Chitose International Airport (RJCC)

Sapporo is our newest hub. Opened in 2020, Sapporo expands Inter Sky Airways' reach into the Pacific and provides regional service to the islands of Japan.

Hub Manager: SKY004 Jen N


Inter Sky Airways services both Domestic and International services out of all of our hubs. Our routes service many destinations across the world both large and small. Our flights range in times from 30 minutes to over 8 hours for transoceanic flights. If we don't have a route you want to fly, we also have charter options! We are constantly growing and adding more routes!

Route Map